Cast Iron Gutters

Whether you’re a property manager, home-owner or architect, discuss your project with a TBS professional today for free advice on a wide range of cast iron guttering solutions. Our cast iron guttering adds a luxurious look to any building, and not only does it improve the aesthetics of the building it is known to increase its value.


Extremely strong, durable and vandal resistant. Dimensionally accurate and stable with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years. Cast iron is 100% recyclable.

Authentic sand castings combine traditional manufacture with modern quality control and standards to create a high-quality range of traditional cast iron gutters. TBS cast iron guttering has simple or spigot, wet sealed and bolted joints and are available factory primed or pre-painted.

Suited to traditional craft based contracts, Closely replicates historic styles for both flush and projecting eaves applications. Complies with BS 460:2002 Cast Iron Rainwater Goods. We carry two standard gutter profiles in stock, Half Round ( 5” and 6” ) and Moulded ( 5”x 4” and 6”x 4” ). We also stock Round and Rectangular Downpipes in the following sizes ( 3” & 4” and 4”x 3” & 5”x 4” ) complete with all the necessary fittings.

Cast iron Guttering Traditional Building Solutions


Our quality cast iron rainwater systems comprised of a variety of profiles and sizes which are suitable for various applications big or small adding value to your structural vision.

Cast iron Pipe Gutter traditional building solutions Meath Dublin Ireland

Contour Beautification

The properties of cast iron have long been recognised as the ideal material for rainwater systems of listed buildings and wherever conservation is an issue. Cast Iron exudes character, closely replicates historic styles and maintains the intentions of the original architect, the aesthetic integrity of the building. The physical properties of cast iron will be sustained for many years due to its strength and durability. Our cast iron rainwater systems range comes in a wide range of colours.

Cast iron is suited to rainwater and soil drainage systems. It offers many benefits to the customer and the contractor, including, strength and durability; long life; low maintenance; design capability; sustainability and overall cost effectiveness. As a result of its longevity, low maintenance, fire resistance and low noise operation, the cost benefits of cast iron are significant.

Cast iron Guttering Traditional Building Solutions


Cast iron products are factory primed with one coat of zinc phosphate primer. This primer gives protection against corrosion during transportation and short-term undercover storage and will provide a suitable surface for final painting. Our cast iron products are also available pre-painted with 3 coats of Hempatex 460.

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